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Did you know…

96.7 percent of Australian business DIE Within 48mths of Starting, Because of Financial strife

…. I’m here to help change that.

Annette Lackovic

  1. Do you have a gift inside of you that is ready to be brought out into the world as a business?
  2. Or perhaps it’s out in the world yet it could be reaching so many more people?

Well it’s about time! A Sales and Entrepreneur event for the gifted Entrepreneur that gets your talents and expertise out into the world. So you can stop being the best kept secret. Most importantly have a lot of fun doing it!

It is TRUE, You can take your gift you have inside of you, build a handsomely profitable business around that gift, and you don’t need to be overwhelmed with hours and hours of work, no need to get capital money to get started, and be able to still stay true to your authentic self.

Kate Boorer - Billionaire Babes Annette is an amazing teacher when it comes to taking your sales skills to the next level. Having had very little training in this space, I was amazed at how quickly Annette could transform my skills and sales processes in my business.

Annette not only teaches you what to do, she helps deal with deeper issues that can often be the main issue when working in the sales space. This then allows you to implement the tools and process to guarantee success. Without hesitation I would recommend one on one sales coaching with Annette. She will show you how to get the results you are after quickly! Feel free to contact me personally if you want to ask some more specific questions about the work I did with Annette.

EMPLOYABILITY - Billionaire Babes


ZELKA STEFEK - Billionaire BabesAnnette is one of the best B2B professionals I know. Annette is exceptionally outstanding in every way. Just ask any business she has worked with.

Together over the last 10 years we have helped shaped the Recreational Sector, improving the Industry in Australia by making hundreds of Businesses more profitable. Motivating staff is skill that comes naturally for Annette. There is nothing this extraordinary woman doesn’t know, she has mastered every aspect of successful operations.

EMPLOYABILITY - Billionaire Babes


Dear gift entrepreneur,

I have been there, You are or have taken a leap of faith with yourself to start a business of your own. You didn’t do it to start a business. You did it to have the financial freedom, flexibility, and most importantly doing something your heart says you should do.

You are seeking something of the flavor below..

  1. You know you are meant to do something and make a difference in the world
  2. You want to feel FULFILLED, find STRENGTH, and empowers others with your gift
  3. You are destined to make some positive change in the world.
  4. You would like to attract money so you can have more choices in you life, provide for your family, live in a home of your choice, and go to bed at night feel financially safe.

Yea yea you have heard this all before…

The real ISSUE is, you dont like SELLING.

Even though you are committed to your business, yet you just think sales is pushy, fake, not for you, concerned people won’t like you, and it can feel inauthentic.

What now?

Unfortunately if you do nothing about this FEAR of selling, your gift will remain the best kept secret and your freedom will suffer.

How much less money do you have in your bank account because you never learned to sell your gift?

How much longer are you going to have to look at the price of the menu before you buy food?

How many more years are those things going to be on your vision board? Isn’t it time you make the money to buy them?

How many holidays have passed you buy that you could have gone on?

Ok ENOUGH already I think you get it..

Don’t you deserve to find out what you are mean’t to do in this world and get the gift of changing so many lives with your talents?

This training is for you if you’re…

  1. Ready to take the next step and say YES to growing your business
  2. You know you are loosing sales and selling opportunities each day that passes by
  3. If you have face to face contact with your customers and need to sell MORE, but struggle with getting them across the line
  4. If your business relies on you selling your service
  5. If you just want more CONFIDENCE selling yourself
  6. If you’re ready to learn how to help customers say YES to themselves and sell a stack of your products & services along the way.
  7. You want to wrap your fingers around a step by step EXCLUSIVE method when it comes to building a business
  8. If you want to get clear on what you sell and who you sell to your NICHE
  9. You want to have a LIFE by DESIGN built around a business that you love
  10. You are ready to grab ahold of that talent of yours and AUTHENTICALLY communicate this to clients.

“Annette had great techniques… makes you want to know more.”


DUSK - Billionaire Babes

“Very well presented, she has all the knowledge as well as humor”


HARVEY WORLD TRAVEL - Billionaire Babes

“Annette had great information, was very lively and extremely funny. Her upbeat personality really started our conference with a strong start.”


WOMAN’S HEALTH CLUBS - Billionaire Babes

“Annette is a superb presenter her presentation style and delivery was excellent.”


PERNOID RICARD - Billionaire Babes

“Annette was fantastic! Obviously a master of the subject covered. One of the best things about the presentation was watching Annette’s presentation style in action-I’m Pumped.”


PERNOID RICARD - Billionaire Babes

“Annette was fantastic, she stretched her audience & encouraged participation without singling people out.”


HQW DISTRIBUTORS - Billionaire Babes

This training is NOT for you if you’re:

  • Going to continue to make up excuses as to why you cant do it
  • If you think you know it all and aren’t willing to embrace out of the box ideas
  • If you are going to let yourself be smaller then your circumstances
  • If you hate animals or puppies…

What you will take way from this 2 day training.

  1. You will get a winning sales system that you can easily replicate that will the ickyness out of sales
  2. If you are just getting started…. you will get CLEAR on what it is that you offer
  3. If you sometimes fumble with what to say when you SELL your service…..Discover the exact sequence of words to precisely describe what you do
  4. If you want to sell more and raise your price points you will find the confidence in yourself to sell at higher price points while still providing great value to your customers
  5. You will discover how to position yourself above your competitors
  6. Learn to get your customers inspired to say yes easily and effortlessly
  7. You will learn how to turn those LEADS into SALES
  8. You will get a lead generation FORMULA
  9. If you are wondering how to position your products and service you will get clear on the most valuable pricing structures that are working today..
  10. If you are an employee you will learn how to get to the top of your game in creating revenue that your boss can not help but acknowledge and enhance your growth through promotion.
  11. Are you a: Coach, consultant, author, speaker, trainer, healer or business owner? You will walk away with a new relationship to your value and raise your price points.

Kate Boorer - Billionaire Babes I signed up for coaching with Annette to improve my sales skills to increase my income. When I first met Annette approximately 2 months ago, I asked how I could improve my presenting skills to sell from the platform.

After only 2 months of training I have now gone from 2 sales per presentation to 13 sales!! My presenting skills have immensely improved thanks to Annette, I feel much more confident with how I present the product which is exactly what I wanted. The most significant part for me was achieving my goals and making myself more accountable. Also, setting my goals and learning HOW to achieve them.

POSITIVE REAL ESTATE - Billionaire Babes


The feeling of being down and out most of my life, being told I will be nothing, have nothing and be a nobody, is no longer is a part of my thoughts !!!

I have proved my school wrong because I did get somewhere. I do have things and I’m proud of. To say that being a single mum and having a mortgage and to give my kids the world is what I do everyday!!!

And now to push that extra a bit forward is what I will do. Thanks to you Annette xxx

Thank you so much! You’re such an inspirational person and very motivating for change!!! You’re an amazing person. One of a kind! Thanks again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


“We had a fantastic time, and learnt so much.
Thanks Netty for all your wonderful and helpful information and I have it here in front of me all the time.”



“Annette is very thorough! I learnt more awareness of behaviours and re-styled price presentation”


CITY GYM - Billionaire Babes

“Annette knew all the information off the top of her head. She was friendly, easily understood and related it in a way I understood.”


CONTOURS - Billionaire Babes

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